Imaracheli, lived in here childhood for 11 years in Three different continents.
It made here know, that people are the same, all over the world.

She says, “We are all one, every single human being is unique and our planet is a marvelous place to explore and learn”.

She graduated the academy of arts Betzalel in Jerusalem and received an
Architecture degree, which combined for here creativity and Practice.

Shortly she understood that the real purpose of her life is
contributing to people the knowledge to
connect to themselves and to the environment.
Being creative will make every individual much happier.

Listening to her heart,
leaded her to learn, explore and find ways to express and share her path.
The books that she wrote are here deepest experiences, written in the simplest way.

Here Author name is ImaRacheli, it Means – Mother Racheli.
She says “Being a Mom connected me to myself,
and also raised my awareness of responsibility,
Direct to my Daughters and to the future generations to be.
“I believe we are all responsible, for our own happiness
and also to take care of our home – planet earth”.
She invites you to join her through a wonderful path
enjoying wonder, seeking for knowledge and loving every part of the way,
knowing that huge and microscopic creatures are part of this extraordinary,
marvelous story called life.

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