The Wishing Pebble

connect to your nature


?Have you ever experienced that life is passing by too fast
?And that you are spending time on what you do not want
?Frustrated with all the daily tasks

,In this book you are going to receive

.The insights that I experienced through my life in a very simple but yet profound way

,By reading the book
.You are feeling that a whole new world is opening up for you
.You connect to yourself, you know what you want, and you feel special

.Immediately you are going to be part of those people that are the main actors in their lives

.You also teach your children to become the main actors in their lives

.Giving them the confidence and the belief in who they are

.I would like you to see me as an example
,It took me years of trial and error to figure out who I am
.And to understand what I want to contribute to life

,Listening to yourself takes practice and acquired skill

.Knowing it now is a present, a priceless present

,A client of mine named Osnat
,Shared with me that the first thing that her 6 year old son Yuval
.Learned from the wishing pebble, was the meaning of the word wish
.He knew to ask for what he wants, now
.The word wish connected him with his dream
.What he wishes to become when he will grow up

.It is amazing to know how a simple story can open a world of opportunities

,Through this book you will teach your kids to belong
.And to notice their uniqueness and also the uniqueness of all their friends

,By purchasing this book you join my client circle
:What means that you will receive new content about
How to become more creative
And ways to recognize your uniqueness

,Also you will become part of our contribution in planting trees in food forests
.10%of all our incomes are invested in planting trees

!I promise you this is going to be a mile stone in a wonderful journey

.Also giving this book as present will enlarge the community of fulfilled human beings

This is an exciting story about friendship
Imagination and believing
Its about the love of Nature
And our ability to be drifting in the world of
Imagination and dreams, and also fulfill them

It all dependes on us and our patience
How we love Nature, and take care of it
And how each one of us is Unique

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The wishing pebble Activity Ideas
The Wishing Pebble activity ideas

Start Now and begin a whole new experience



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